The earth of our terroir is warm, adaptable, giving, full of colors and scents. It is organic, lively and the source of life for the exceptional quality of our grapes. Lynx wines are created with knowledge, experience, and passion. Because we love what we do.

Lynx wines are made by those who have been able to do so for many years. Above all from our cellar master Pierre. His work and that of his team are shaped by innovation, tradition, and passion, paired with the relentless pursuit of perfection and respect for nature.

On Lynx, we use Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) on our vines. For perfect ripening, all shoots are tied so that they grow vertically upwards so that the grapes can always get the best sun exposure.

Many traditional devices and processes are still used in our wine cellar. Open concrete tanks during fermentation, for example, give our grapes the unique taste for which our wines are known. The gentle, controlled fermentation is coherent with a soft extraction through manual punch downs at regular intervals.

We use both steel tanks and French oak barrels in our wine cellar, with all our red wines aging in the latter.

The Lynx wine offer ranges from uncomplicated wine for every occasion to the characteristically top product for special occasions. We divide our wines into three quality levels: Flagship • Reserve Range • Lynx Range. Discover the whole variety here.

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