Producing high quality wines is our passion! We pride ourselves in our authenticity by producing wines shaped by their origin. View our selection here.


Lynx is ideally situated between Stellenbosch (15 minutes), Paarl (15 minutes) and Franschhoek (10 minutes) at the foothills of the Klein Drakenstein Mountains. Our boutique farm is one of the smaller wineries in the village.

We are an individually owned and operated business that does most of the winemaking by hand, giving our guests a very private experience with a variety of fascinating wines at the tasting.

Wine team

Our employees not only do their job – they live with and for the wine. Above all our cellar master Pierre and his team takes care of our vines with heart, hand and mind every day to achieve the best possible results. We cultivate our vineyards out of conviction and with respect for nature. This is the prerequisite for first-class wines –  from the uncomplicated wines for every occasion to top-quality products with a strong character for special occasions. Our employees fully identify with our ideas and goals and pull together with us.
Our goal is to inspire our customers with our wines.


At our winery, our grapes are still harvested by hand. Our knowledge acquired over the years in the cellar, combined with the experience of nature, vines and wine production, allows us to produce first class wines. We aim to produce a selection of expressive wines that reflect both our unique terroir and the passion of our cellar master and his small team. 

At Lynx, we use what is known as Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) on all of our vines. This means that all shoots are tied so that they grow vertically. This ensures that all leaves receive full sun in either the morning or afternoon, which is essential for the successful ripening of the grapes.

Wine cellar

We at Lynx
have made it our mission
to create wines
that will be remembered for a long time.

In our winery we still use a lot of traditional equipment, such as the open concrete tanks for fermenting the grapes, or the hand-operated basket press. The open tanks give us the unique taste of our grapes, for which we are so well known.
We also make the so-called punch downs. This involves crushing the grapes by hand at regular intervals so that we get a controlled fermentation.
We use both steel tanks and French oak barrels in our winery, with all of our red wines aging in the latter.