Our Wines


Our Wines

Our quest for the highest quality is deeply rooted in us.

We want to produce wines that are handcrafted, culturally inspired and, above all, marked by their origin. 

We want wines that are authentic, exude pure joie de vivre and reflect the stylistic diversity of our winery.

We divide our wines into three quality levels:


Our absolute top wine, is the Spirit of Lynx, which shows everything we can and embody:
Power, passion, energy and the pursuit of perfection.
It is a classic Bordeaux blend made with absolute care and patience. To achieve this, we let the wine age in oak barrels for at least 18 months and rest in the bottle for at least another 6 months until it has brought its aromas to perfection. It is produced only in exceptional years and is strictly limited.

Lynx Reserve Wine

Reserve Range

In the Reserve Range, the wines are aged for at least 12 months in oak barrels and are then aged for at least another 6 months in bottle. Once the wine has reached drinking maturity, it is put on sale. The special feature of this range is that we produce only a few hundred bottles of each wine.

Lynx Range

In the Lynx Range you will find wines that do not need storage, but are immediately enjoyable.